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Holiday Party Planning

Since we are in the last quarter of the year, the holidays are upon us: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve ! These are holidays we spend with our families, friends and even co-workers! We would like to share a few of our tips for planning a fun and safe holiday gathering this year!

  • Date: Choose a date that accommodates you and your guests. Settle on a date that accommodates all the guests you want to invite. But also keep in mind that not all your guests may be able to attend. The holiday season can be busy with competing events.

  • Guest Count: Determine who you plan to invite. Just family ? Just friends ? Or a mix of both. Then decide how many guests you would like to host and what that will mean for you planning and prep wise. In the season of COVID, we would suggest keeping the guest counts small.

  • Location: In the season of COVID, hosting a gathering outside is best but as the weather gets colder, it presents a challenge. If planning an event for outside consider heated tents and holding it earlier in the day. If planning an event for inside, consider the amount of space you have and the allowance for appropriate social distancing amongst guests.

  • Food: When hosting a holiday gathering, the host can create the full menu or you can have your guests bring a dish or appetizer or dessert , like a potluck. A variety of appetizers are great for holiday gatherings. You should also consider a signature holiday drink such as apple cider, egg nog or hot cocoa.

  • Activities / Games: Try to have a variety of games/activities to engage your guests, especially if they are children. Such as charades, card games, cookie decorating contest or a Secret Santa.

  • Safety: As we are still in the season of COVID, to keep you and your guests safe, consider having a sanitizing stations where you may have temperatures taken, hand sanitizers and sanitizing wipes and encouraging guests to wash their hands.

  • Decorations: We saved the best part for last! Of course the fun part of planning a party...the holiday decorations! Decide on the holiday party theme and consider what centerpieces and signs you may want create to fit your theme.

We hope some of these tips may be be helpful to you during this holiday season as you plan your holiday gatherings.

As challenging as the year has been, we hope this holiday season brings you and your family some joy, peace and good health.

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